Island Press Webinar: How are cities paying for climate resilience?

Thursday October 10th Link – Registration is now Full Cities that have begun implementing climate resilience projects have used distinct strategies to to obtain public and private financial resources that pay for large-scale climate-resilience. These strategies amount to an initial approach—”Playbook 1.0″—for deciding who will pay what and how city governments will generate the needed revenue. 

Clearer thinking about the climate crisis from Kevin Anderson

At Naomi Klein’s recent book signing, Ms. Klein referenced a leading carbon emissions expert, Kevin Anderson. Here is a link to his Wikipedia page, as well as a couple of quotes: Put bluntly, while the rhetoric of policy is to reduce emissions in line with avoiding dangerous climate change, most policy advice is to accept aContinue reading “Clearer thinking about the climate crisis from Kevin Anderson”

Recycling issues for wind farm blades. I read this article 3 weeks ago and it comes back up in our discussions at Nature Towns, with some regularity. The key issue is that while coal is very dirty, wind (and likely solar) are not without issues during their full life cycle. The story talks about rural landfills filling up fast withContinue reading “Recycling issues for wind farm blades.”

Developments in electric bikes

The latest in electric bike technologies. This lets my imagination think about how the “last mile” for public transit is getting shorter. Technologies such as these let people expand their access from just walking 0.5 mile to much farther, so public transit becomes more viable even for those who live a greater distance from a station.Continue reading “Developments in electric bikes”

Local weather risks

As the summer advances, I am seeing several articles about the hurricane season and the need to be better prepared.  Texas A&M has some good material on Emergency procedures including guides for the following events:  Thunderstorm Disasters, Winter Storm Disasters, and Heat Wave Disasters. As I review our preparedness for disasters, I am not soContinue reading “Local weather risks”

Austin’s own Jeremiah Cunningham tells the world at Slow Money “We’re made in the image of the soil”

Slow Money 2014 has come and gone.  Unfortunately I did not have the resources to attend this year.  Maybe next!  By all accounts, it was a great time.  Click here for a link to the Slow Money Blog with more details.  If you are looking for the slow money Youtube channel, click here.Austin-based Coyote CreekContinue reading “Austin’s own Jeremiah Cunningham tells the world at Slow Money “We’re made in the image of the soil””

WSJ: Europe’s Green-Fuel search turns to America’s forests.

This article appeared on the front page of the the Tuesday, May 28th edition of the Wall Street Journal.  It continues on page 12. In summary, the article brings to light a fact that has been developing for the last 2 years — that European coal burning power plants (Japan and Korea are headed inContinue reading “WSJ: Europe’s Green-Fuel search turns to America’s forests.”

Compostable Diapers and Delivery Service in Central Texas

I wanted to give a quick shout out to Jeff Paine at Break It Down Composting, and their new compostable baby diaper service called Diapers to Dirt.  Give them a ‘like’ on facebook and help support this great initiative.  They are: working with a professionally developed compostable diaper out of Scandinavia.   Delivery and pickup isContinue reading “Compostable Diapers and Delivery Service in Central Texas”