Changes to Microbial Earth Farms Mission/Purpose

About 14 months ago  when I came back from vacation, my partner Allan informed me that he and his wife would need to exit the partnership of Microbial Earth Farms, as they were moving far out of town.  That meant no small change for me, as Allan was responsible for much of the physical operationContinue reading “Changes to Microbial Earth Farms Mission/Purpose”

New Products – Bokashi

·         Please note that Bokashi prices have risen to $12/gallon.  We are still offering 2 bags at a discounted price (now $10/bag) and have a box with 2x 2.5 gallon bags for $48.00 ($9.60/gallon) ·         We have started production of Bokashi Bran Pluswhich will sell at a 50% premium, but which incorporates biochar (reduce smells,Continue reading “New Products – Bokashi”

Making great soil from mulch!

The fall season is a great time to make gardening life in Texas much easier and enjoyable.  Mulch is a key ingredient to soil health, and at no time during the year do we get better leaves for mulch than now with the cedar elm leaves.  Gather as many as you can from your ownContinue reading “Making great soil from mulch!”

Soil structure and fall gardening

Yesterday, I had a conversation with someone while dropping off some compost.  That person was concerned about the productivity of the garden and its relationship to the soil.  We looked at some garden beds and saw a typical situation.  The plants are alive and look reasonably healthy, but the soil does not look the same. Continue reading “Soil structure and fall gardening”

Mineral testing for plants

If you have been noticing some stress on tree leaves this summer, now is a great time to see if the problem is an actual nutrient deficiency.  I just downloaded the plant sample submission form (link here).  Instructions are on their home page under plant testing (left hand menu, here).  I am not going toContinue reading “Mineral testing for plants”